Posted by: norstarnewengland | July 30, 2016

My Five Seconds of Fame

In the previous three blogs, I wrote articles detailing how I use sampling in my volunteer activities: as a water sampler for the Charles River Watershed Association, as a water sampler for the Neponset River Watershed Association, and as a digital image taker/poster for the Picture Post Project. I submitted these for the Science Friday Science Club challenge to ‘Sample Everything,’ and hoped to get mentioned.Url_SciFri-To Answer Questions-You Took a Sample

Well, I DID get mentioned! They wrapped up the challenge on May 13, 2016. On the second half of the second hour of the show, they started talking about the challenge. They discussed the kind of responses they received, such as the variety of what they were sampling, the methods they were using, and whether they were doing it as part of a larger study or as individuals. They started talking about Citizen Science Projects, then, within that discussion (at about 12:35 to go):

“…and Craig has been sampling  the Charles River for over 20 years…”

I had hoped that all of them would be mentioned. Or, if one of the water sampling activities were mentioned that the other one would be too. But, I was mentioned!



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