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Waymark Milestones: 1500 WM

Waymarks – 11/30/2011

On October 4, 2011, I received my 1500th approved waymark! Since August, no new states were logged. The majority of the postings were in Massachusetts, but some were in Rhode Island.

Here’s the breakdown: Waymarks logged: 1500 Waymarks visited: 581 Waymarks have been placed in all 15 “Divisions” (The last, Animals, in Dec. 07) Different Categories Posted: 496 Number of states/provinces/regions with Waymarks logged/visited: 12 states (U.S.), 3 provinces (Canada).

Officer of six Categories: Massachusetts Historical Markers, Rhode Island Historical Markers, Vermont Historical Markers, Manitoba Historical Markers, Engineering Landmarks and Quarries.

Highlights include:

Electric Fire Alarm System – This was a pleasant surprise while lurking around Old City Hall.

Looff Carousel at Slater Park – The first carousel that went around fast enough to make me significantly dizzy afterwards!

Centennial Commons – I had seen this being constructed.  In fact, I parked in the parking lot that was there!

Springfield, Mass Hit by Tornado – I am mesmerized by the video of the tornado forming over the Connecticut River every time.

Monson Public Library  – A really nice library building…battered by a tornado.

142 Newbury Street – One of the best examples of Frieze Art that I have found.

Bunch of Grapes Tavern Sign – Interesting how there is a connection with Ohio!

U.S.S. Constitution –  The last of its kind, and a rich story. Now I feel that my collection is complete…maybe.



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