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Waymark Milestones 1200 – 1400

In the past year I have passed through milestones 1200, 1300, and 1400 (1500 will be dealt with in a later blog).

1200 WM

1200 was attained some time while in Seattle, Washington, likely the Totem Pole at Pioneer Square .  Places logged included:  MA – Framingham, Cambridge, Attleborough, Norwood, Westwood, Walpole, Norfolk, Natick, Boston, West Bridgewater, Dover, Hingham, and Easton; and WA – Bothell, Munroe, and Seattle.  Some Waymarks include:

Stony Brook Dam at Blake Reservation – I had a  member of the Blake family contact me about this location.

Brook Farm – This was an experimental (utopian?) location for the Transcendalist movement. I’m sure that this location, now within the city limits of Boston, was considered ‘in the country.’

North Easton Historic District – This village has some outstanding buildings, including the Ames Shovel Shop buildings.

Western Heritage Center – This place has all sorts of old equipment and appliances!

Other facts:
Waymarks visited:  444
Different Categories Posted: 403

1300 WM

1300 WM was attained some time while I was at Newport, RI, likely the Newport City Hall .  Places logged include: WA –  Seattle and Kirkland; AK – Anchorage (city), Anchorage (borough), Kenai Borough, Homer, Mat-Su Borough, and Seward; MA – Boston; and RI – Newport.  Some Waymarks include:

Most Westerly Highway Point in North America – Touristy as all heck, but still a pretty cool place to stop.  I even have a certificate!

Resurrection Bay Scenic Boat Tour – This was an all day boat tour that included stopping at the face of a glacier, and several other locations to see animals.

Musk Ox Farm – Where else can you pet a musk ox?  During the tour, I found out that the farm had started in Vermont.  I’ll have to look further to find out where it was.

Seward Highway Terminus – Every highway should end at a gorgeous place like this!

1400 WM

1400 WM was attained in Northampton, MA – at the Gasworks Building .  Places logged include: AK – Anchorage Borough;  RI – Newport; MA – Marlborough, Sudbury, Framingham, Boston,  Attleborough; RI – Pawtucket; and MA – Norwood, Ashland, Milton, Natick,  Springfield, Sharon, Holyoke, South Hadley, Hadley, and Northampton.  Some Waymarks include:

Viking or Newport Tower – Of the list of possible builders, it was likely NOT the Vikings, but no one today is sure.  It is probable that Benedict Arnold (ancestor to the infamously known Benedict Arnold) had it built as a mill, but it doesn’t look like a mill!

Consulate-General of Japan – After the earthquake in Japan, I made a visit to the consulate in the Federal Reserve Building in Boston.

Leavitt-Riedler Pumping Engine – This reservoir pump had been  inaccessible to the public for several years. Now, it is part of a museum – the picture was taken during the open house.

Springfield Armory – Much remains of the buildings, and the museum is well worth the time spent – whether you are a gun fanatic to view the largest small arms collection in the country or love to learn about how small arms were made over time.



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