Posted by: norstarnewengland | December 26, 2010

Walking on an Old Nike Site

Place: Hingham-Cohasset

The Turkey Hill Reservation, part of a cluster of land owned by the Trustees of Reservations, has a great view of the area, including parts of Boston Harbor. The other reservations are Whitney-Thayer Woods and Weir River Farm. I had been here several years before doing benchmarking and geocaching. I managed to do a tri-fecta on this trip.

At the top of Turkey Hill is a concrete bunker that was part of the Nike site that was there. The Nike sites are relics of the “Cold War” era. These were ground to air missile launching facilities that were installed on hills to protect against air invasion.

Near the concrete structure, by the parking lot at the top of the hill, is a boundary marker for the Hingham-Cohasset line. I had missed this marker as a benchmark (MY4146) the first time I was up here. It was hard finding it this time, so I don’t know how I missed it before.

The Weir River Farm was not open to visitors while we were there. However, we did walk around on the trails. One of the trails was lined by fences on both sides and went through the pasture. At one point, there was a set of gates where we had to pass through and crossed the pasture. Just prior to reaching the gate, the horses in the pasture came down the hill and passed by, heading toward the barn. They must have heard the dinner bell. It was interesting to see the horses interact with each other on the way. We then walked along the edge of the farm in the woods, where a pig stye was. We paused and saw the farm family come out with food for the pig. We conversed briefly before traveling our separate ways.

We will have to return soon.



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