Posted by: norstarnewengland | November 26, 2010

1100 Waymarks

Been slipping on my blog logs. A lot has happened, which I’ll be reporting on later. On this blog, on August 23, I reached my 1100th approved waymark.

By the time I was approaching this milestone, I was logging entries from the village of Wickford, in Rhode Island. I was hoping that it was going to be either the old Naragansett Church or maybe the ‘new’ St. Patrick’s Church. But it depended on the order that the waymarks would be approved. And the winner was…

…The Goodwill Store in Baton Rouge, LA. This one was logged back in June, but, for some reason, had not been approved, until then. So, the 1100th waymark is down in Louisiana.

Waymarks were logged not only in Louisiana, but Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well. Municipalities in Massachusetts included: Attleborough, Boston, Cambridge, Deerfield, Dudley, Easton, Framingham, Montague, Natick, Needham, New Bedford, Sharon, Walpole, Watertown, Webster, and Westwood. Municipalities in Louisiana include Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Municipalities in Rhode Island include North Kingstown.

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