Posted by: norstarnewengland | August 23, 2010

Wandering around Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Place: Watertown, MA – It was another beautiful day at Mt. Auburn Cemetery – sunny, warm, and windless. Mt. Auburn Cemetery is an historic cemetery with lots of places to explore. Here are a few things I found:

Robert Gould Shaw Memorial – This family monument has a memorial to perhaps the most famous person of their branch.

Story Chapel Stained Glass Windows – The buildings are beautiful, themselves. This chapel is near the front entrance.

Sphinx Memorial – This is an unusual Civil War monument. But I was touched by the story of how the commissioner of the statue ‘saw’ the statue when it was completed.

Grave of Charles Eliot – This marker is of an apprentice of Fredrick Law Olmsted and ended up making his mark all over Boston and the world with his own visions about landscaping and land conservation.



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