Posted by: norstarnewengland | May 19, 2010

Maple Sugaring – 2010

Another season of maple sugaring came and went in southeastern Massachusetts. Maple sugaring isn’t big in this area, but the Moose Hill Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary in Sharon, Massachusetts, has a small operation for educational purposes. They basically have about 100 trees tapped – many are red maples, which are acceptable but not as efficient as sugar maples – and a small scale wood-fired evaporator. The information is anectdotal, as the maple sugaring harvesting partially depends on how it coincides with the programs about it, which is late February through mid March, rather than when the sap starts to run.

The general consensus is that it was a pretty crummy year. In Sharon, the season started a little early compared to the programs, and then the sap thinned and stopped flowing into the buckets well before the programs ended (there was some ‘faucet sap’ boiled for effect). The gallons produced from the evaporator wasn’t the worst seen, but it was rather anemic.

The site supports this, with an article reporting on maple sugar production state-wide. In general, the days were warmer than normal, and, even more importantly, the nights had just not gotten low enough. Part of the reason might have been the collosal rains that we went through in March.



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