Posted by: norstarnewengland | May 19, 2010

1000 Waymarks Posted

Waymarks by Category, Part 3List of Waymarks by Category, Part 2List of posted waymarks by category, Part 1US Map of Waymark Denisty by StateGraphic of Wmark Status and MedalsAs indicated in a previous post, I made it to the 1000th approved submitted waymark.

According to a web page by another waymarker, I was the 45th person to have achieved this milestone, which is impressive. While numbers of waymarkers aren’t published, I estimate that there are likely around 1000 worldwide, so that puts me in the top 5%.

No new states were added in the last 100. In fact, other than the drive into Rhode Island and the state line with Connecticut, the waymarks were in Massachusetts. So the count remains at 12 states, and 3 Canadian provinces.

One goal this time around was to get a minimum of one waymark posted in at least 333 different categories. 338 were obtained, so the goal was reached easily. The following is a partial list of categories.

My visits were anemic this time around – only seven logged. The next goal is to get these over 500 and I will be on a business trip in the near future.

I hope to do some more analysis on this list of waymarks. Chack back some time later!



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