Posted by: norstarnewengland | May 18, 2010

Another Kind of Water Crisis

In early May, Boston had yet another water crisis. This was a civil engineer’s worst nightmare: imagine, over the weekend, a crucial joint in the one water main that supplies the drinking water in Boston crumbles. Here are a couple locations for details: article, which leads to other articles:

There was always water flowing. The Boston Herald reported that there was no need to panic.

They are STILL looking for the piece that broke. Mind that it is about 10 feet in diameter and made out of metal. The fact that they can’t find this piece is a testament of the power of water that came out of that pipe!

Now that it’s over – go back to our normal lives with coffee again!

This blog sums up the reaction – buy/distribute bottled water! Would it be such an inconvenience to take a few minutes to boil water a whole minute, instead? I did. .

This article on a blog sums up my feelings about the reaction, overreaction, and even bordering on panic – most of the people would kill for the quality of water that we have, parasites and all.

Anyway, everything is more or less back to normal, now.



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