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Waymarking Around Webster/Douglas/Dudley

Place: Webster, Dudley, Douglas, and Thompson, CT – I arrived at this location for a historical tour of a mill at that location, the Stevens Mill. While there, I had the opportunity to see the towns around the mill, and walked to the corner of Connecticut.

Stevens Mill – This factory, an old linen mill, was the reason I was in the area.

The Black Tavern – This was where lectures were given as part of the tour.

These doors on St. Joseph’s Basilica were really impressive to me.

The caboose in downtown Webster was a pleasant surprise. It’s in pretty good shape.

The last two markers were a race against twilight. Previous to going there, I looked on maps and GoogleEarth to get an idea of the area. While tracing roads to the east of Webster (and that lake that has a long name), I noticed that there was a road that passed momentarily into Connecticut before going into Massachusetts again. I noticed that the northeastern corner of Connecticut was only about a quarter mile from the road at either border crossing. On the Massachusetts side was the Douglas State Forest, so it was public land. So, if I had time, I decided to try to bushwhack through the woods to find it.

When I drove to the general location, the sun had set, and I had to find the border, park, walk and take pictures before it became too dark. Oh, and the camera was on the second battery, which was giving signals that it was near the end of its charge.

I found one of the state markers and parked as soon at the soonest place possible. This border marker was the first one that arrived, and I had thought that this was the one was the east-west line. The map on the GPSr was the course map, which did not properly tell me where I truly was. So, when I reached that marker, I decided to veer off the path going north, and trudge on east in hope of finding the marker. After trudging east, then north, I did not see anything and went south to reach the road and head back to the car. When I drove east, I encountered the road too soon and realized that I was at the other border along the north-south line. So, with twilight failing, I made one more attempt and followed the blue circles marking a rather rough trail to the northeast corner of Connecticut, surrounded by blue circles. I spent some minutes at the marker and took the last pictures that the camera allowed, and went back, totally satisfied with day.

And this corner marker is the 1000th approved waymark!



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