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Wamarking Around Southwestern Suburban Boston

Place(s): Needham, Norwood, Westwood, Dedham, Canton, Sharon, and Walpole – The waymarks in the next few posts are organized by geographic proximity rather than chronologically. This group covers the areas around Route 128 and 1.

Several survey disks, like this one on the Route 109 bridge, were added along Route 129/I-95, since this section of the highway is being redone. I already lost my opportunity to locate and log marks further south. There is a major project to widen the highway, which will result in the rebuilding of several bridges along the way. So, these will be watched as the project progresses.

Meet Delores .

While looking around the Mother Brook diversion of the Charles River after the middle storm in March, I came across several survey disks installed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to mark out the Easement for the wetlands. These wetlands are part of the flood control for the Charles River. And, with the exception of the Moody Street dam, there were no serious flood problems downstream of this location.

This old Unitarian church in Sharon was just completing work on an addition and had other work being done at the time of the visit.

Nice library in Norwood .

I mentioned earlier about an outlet of the Charles at Mother Brook. Well, this is where water from the Charles River ends up – merging with the Neponset River – a whole different watershed! In 1640, a quarter mile canal was dug originally to power mills.



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