Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 30, 2010

Washed Away in the March Storms

In a previous post, I mentioned that the area was hit with a massive storm that dropped a lot of rain. Well, it wasn’t over, then. A third major storm hit the area again near the end of the month and caused even more flooding and breaking the record for all-time rain falling in one month for most of southern New England.

Here is a summary:

This graph for 2010 precipitation at Blue Hill Observatory in Canton-Milton, shows that March rainfalls were clearly excessive. Comments on the front page (which will change), stated that 18.81 inches fell in March, which beat the record of 18.78 inches (August, 1955) for rainfall in ANY ONE MONTH OF A YEAR. The previous record holder was due to a pair of tropical storms that used to be hurricanes. Hurricane Diane was the more damaging of the two and dropped close to 12 inches.

What was the result? Widespread flash flooding and some areas that had sustained flooding for more than a few days. The two waymarks that I posted were two such areas: Norwood Memorial Airport, and . Several river stations were constantly referenced in the news, including Charles River at Dover , and Neponset River at Dean Street , but there were many other places mentioned as well. Go to the usual news stations for details, including this page on, NECN ,and Channel 5 .

Me? Well, continuing the saga about the basement, in three storms in March, water came into the basement. The sump pump kept it to ‘a flowing half inch’ as my wife said. Thank goodness, we didn’t lose power. I also figured out something – the sump pump drain dumps right outside the foundation of the house, so it is likely that some of that water makes its way back under the house and into the basement. So, the next project will be to bury a hose that will take the water away from the house. There were many other places the water came in, so it won’t solve everything.

But, April has, so far, been a big change over March, so water levels have finally receded, and the pond in the back yard has finally dried up.



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