Posted by: norstarnewengland | March 18, 2010

Religious Imagery at La Salette Shrine

Place: North Attleboro, MA – This place is well-known for its Christmas display, but I was there well after Christmas. But, not to worry, even a month later there were some lights, painted cutouts of the three kings and camels, and holiday music being pumped out in the parking lot area. Kind of creepy, really. I was there for a lecture that was being held there. Still, there was some time to get a few waymarks. The waymarks centered around the story of the appearing of Mother Mary to two children in rural France. The shrine is part of a worldwide order that remembers this appearance. The two most impressive waymarks included a statue of Mary crying, surrounded by a moat of water, and the stations of the cross that had three scenes from that story incorporated into them.

The shrine was one of the donators in land that was incorporated into conservation area. This land will later have paths to walk in. The area has history as a resort as well. I look forward to returning when they are finished.



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