Posted by: norstarnewengland | March 18, 2010

All About South Natick

Place: Natick, MA – Polaris and I decided to meet a friend and see the maple sugaring display at the Natick Community Organic Farm in South Natick. I volunteer at another place (post later) that does a maple sugaring program, and I wanted to get ideas.

On the way, I stopped to get these trees eating an iron rail fence. They are along Union Street, so I see them often. Parking is a bit trickier as the road is very busy and the side road nearby is very narrow. But these are a riot to see. They must have been growing like that for over 10 years!

Then there was this old barn that is almost 200 years old at the farm. Due to the order of postings being ‘published’ (’s new term for approving the posting), and that there were still several that are waiting to be published (as of this writing, they still have not been published), this barn is my 900th posted waymark!

Only 100 to 1000!



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