Posted by: norstarnewengland | March 12, 2010

Art-O-Mat, Water Tower and GH-HQ

Place: Warwick and Wakefield, RI – In one of our trips to Rhode Island, we briefly stopped in two “W” towns. They are in very different parts of the state and are very different towns.

Warwick looks every bit the suburb of Providence. It has a large mall area, is on the edge of T. F. Green Airport, and has densely settled areas. There was a water tower that we have seen as we passed on the highway, and I finally decided to waymark it. While researching it, I found that it was on the site of an old mill factory, once known as the Pontiac Mills, and was part of B. B. & R. Knight Company, which was better known by its brand name, “Fruit of the Loom.” I had also thought that this was used in transition shots for the Ghost Hunters TV show, which is headquartered in Warwick, but, the shots that I saw later seemed to be of a darker painted one. Getting there turned out to be a little tougher than I had thought. I missed that immediate exit off 295 and ended up circling around again. The mill buildings are in fair to poor shape, and the water tower is a grade better, but could use another coat of paint.

After that we decided to find the TAPS headquarters (Ghost Hunters TV Show). I had an idea where it was from the maps, but map locations can be a couple blocks off. I was close, but I was in need of gas (the yellow light was on), so I pulled into a gas station to pump up, then continue the search. As I’m pumping, Polaris says ‘I see the sign!’ Sure enough, though hard to read from the angle we were at, was a sign that had the right proportions and yellow lettering to be the TAPS sign shown on TV. So, we pulled into the parking lot and confirmed that we in fact found it! I took my pictures but decided not to waymark it (don’t want to have this parking lot clogged with waymarkers – they have investigations to do!).

Wakefield is almost totally opposite of Warwick. It is a small village in rural southern Rhode Island, ‘conveniently located’ between Boston and New York (that is to say, far from either). In fact, the other name for the area, Peacedale may be more fitting. Polaris said that this is a favorite hangout of the University of Rhode Island, located in the next town over, Kingston. We were here to find and post a waymark for the Argentum Art-O-Mat machine last seen in one of the stores here. I had thought it was in the Yoga studio, so we went there, first. We were directed to the store part of the studio. The clerk recalled that it was there at one time, but it had moved to the Myopic Bookstore down the street. We arrived at the bookstore, and did find it there. However, when we talked with the clerk there, we found that the entire store was closing in about two weeks and will be consolidated with the store in Providence. So, I took my pictures and posted the find. I’m expecting to update the posting with new coordinates soon. But it was neat to be tracking its wanderings, starting with Wakefield, and it would have been harder to find had we started later.



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