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Harvard Square/Harvard University Revisits

Place: Cambridge, MA – Continuing where I left off in October, I had made several trips to Harvard Square/Harvard University in the morning and lunchtime for waymarks. These trips made me see this area much more deeply than I had before. Here are a few notes:

Harvard Yard has many interesting buildings, but I did not recall seeing Sever Hall. I had not known the architect at the time. I felt that it had H. H. Richardson-like features, but Richardson usually built buildings with large stones, and this one was brick. Well, this building is noted for being one of the few brick buildings of his style.

The very old solar orreries are very cool. One of them was worked on by Paul Revere, and another by a watchmaker by the name of Simon Willard – the story about him fixing the clock made me smile!

I’ve been taking American History classes. I had been reading about Charles Sumner, who was Senator before and during the Revolutionary War, so now this statue means a little more to me (as well as the tunnel that is named after him). He is, I believe, the only Senator to have been caned in the Capitol.

It is not unusual to have a building named after Emerson around here. So, when I was waymarking, I did some research and learned much more about his exeriences in Harvard. Some times they loved him, some times they didn’t. But I also didn’t know that a lot of his records were stored here. The bible quote – had nothing to do with Emerson.

This [Not So] Yellow Arrow was one of three found out of five searched for in the HS/HU area. The thing is that I had been looking off and on in three separate places for yellow arrows in the past with no luck. Now that they are over 5 years old and the project is essentially inactive, I had little hope of finding any. Now I want to find more! There are less than 50 yellow arrow waymarks in the category, so this is a rare find.

This Wikipedia entry about Harvard Square provides a good chronology and comment about the changes that have happened to Harvard Square over the years. Much of the complaint is that most of the shops are now part of larger commercial enterprises.



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