Posted by: norstarnewengland | February 21, 2010

Days with Friends and Relatives 2: Walking in Boston

Place: Boston – This journey was a walk through Boston from Back Bay to Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It was a cloudy day and was about average in temperature. There were remnants of a tropical storm coming in.

After arriving by Green Line trolley, we first walked to the Christian Science Center fountain. I was surprised to see it operating as late as mid-November. Heavy frosts had not arrived in Boston by that time.

We walked through a lot of places and I made several visits to other waymarks along the way. There was a plaque marking the place where the Benajamin Franklin apprenticed with his brother in the printing business before running away to Philadelphia.

We made it to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a well-known gathering place for tourists. While we were hanging out, we were asked by a person where the best place was to buy a scarf. Apparently, he was a little unprepared for the climate here. We told him of Macy’s which was a couple stops on the Orange Line down to Downtown Crossing.

The wooden plow on top of a pillar by the Ames Plow Tavern is interesting to me. If I understand this right, there was a company called Ames Plow. I know of the Ames Shovel Shop, but I didn’t know about Ames Plow. I’ll have to investigate further.

After a stop for ice cream, we walked back to the Government Center T stop and made it home for the next event – which was my ‘bachelor party.’



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