Posted by: norstarnewengland | January 30, 2010

Days with Friends and Relatives 1: Driving in the Country

Place: Weston and Concord, MA – During my final week as a bachelor, I was on a trip so that my ‘best men’ could meet for the first time. Both have been long time friend to me, but knew me at different eras in my life. The one that knew me the longest lived here in the 90s and moved to the west coast. The other knew me since the late 90s and lives in the metro-northwest area Boston. I picked up Best Man No. 1 [in order of introduction] and drove in a meandering route to No. 2, stopping along the way.

The first stop was to see a friend who was minding a couple dogs at Cat Rock Park Its an ironic name since the park allows unleashed dogs to run around – the dogs didn’t seem to mind.

The next stop was Walden Pond. I didn’t waymark anything, but I did visit a few of my previous waymarks, there.

The next stop was in downtown Concord, where we had lunch and walked around a bit, then drove to the Minuteman National Historic Park at Old North Bridge and walked around in the twilight. We saw a hawk perched high on a branch, keeping an eye on us as we were watching him.

Then it was on for the meeting between friends. It’s an exciting time, but there is a little nervousness. Just because A and B get along and B and C get along, A and C don’t necessarily. As it happens, they got along just fine!



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