Posted by: norstarnewengland | December 9, 2009

Place: Norwood and Cambridge, MA

To take advantage of the early morning sun, I took pictures in both Norwood and Cambridge in early November.

In particular, I liked the way the old Plympton Press building glowed an almost tomato orange-red. The building is an easy to identify landmark in Norwood.

I entered Harvard Square from the red line station of the same name to investigate the landmarks here. There is a rich mixture of things: commerce, academic, and historic.

I knew that there were some signs about Washington taking command of the Continental Army on the common, but I wasn’t prepared for the number of monuments that were there. For instance, there are cannons from Castle William (the site of Ft. Independence, today) there, from when the British army had occupied it.

Nearby is the Episcopal Church that was once used as a barracks for that army.

It’s always great to walk through Harvard Yard, with all the historic buildings. To waymark, I did some research and learned a lot, including the fact that Massachusetts Hall is the oldest university building still used for that purpose. It was also fun to investigate the ‘Three Lies Statue.’ Honestly, what happened? Was the handwriting that bad to miss the year of founding? Did they not express to the artist that John Harvard was only a very big donor? And whose face is that of, really?

Au Bon Pain was a movie location for the movie Good Will Hunting. You too can sit where Matt Damon and Minnie Driver sat!

One of my favorite fall displays, this year was when I strolled through John F. Kennedy Park along a path out of the square. The trees arched over the path in a beautiful gold color. At the fountain, there was a group that was working out. I’m not entirely sure, but I thought that it was either from the seminary nearby, or some other Christian group.

The Lampoon Building has always stood out to me, since it juts out between two roads, and has a style unlike the buildings around it. There was a blog that I came across that reported that a celebration was held for the hundredth anniversary of its building. This odd building is also the 800th listed waymark!



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