Posted by: norstarnewengland | December 8, 2009

Place: South Boston and Cambridge, MA

These two places don’t get lumpted together in the same phrase often, I’ll bet! I decided on a diversion that morning and do some waymarking on Castle Island, which I have been meaning to do since about March, but never seem to get there. I had known that the Silver Line buses went most of the way there to City Point – or so I thought. I found out enroute that the bus only goes to Summer Street by the Boston Design Center, where the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal is, which is short of City Point by about 3/4 of a mile. Not terrible, but, still, this put a bit of pressure on time. The second miscalculation was that the City Point bus station was further from Castle Island than I recalled. So, I’ll likely not do another trip like that! But, it was still worth it.

The main two things I wanted to waymark was to log Fort Independence and the Donald McKay monument. The fort is a classic five-pointed structure that is prominently placed at the entrance to the inner harbor. I wanted to add in the waymark text that the fort is often visible from planes entering or exiting Logan Airport since the end of a runway is in line with it, but I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble from trying to take pictures (digital devices should be off at that time).

The monument is an easy to spot obelisk right on the edge of the water. Donald McKay was a genius in ship design. He built the largest and fastest clipper ships in the world right in the Boston inner harbor. Today, nothing survives of his shipyards or the ships he built.

Later in the day, I was in Cambridge, documenting a hot lunch spot. While the food court neon signs are likely not unique, the pair of them is striking!

I had reviewed the words to “Charlie and the MTA” and realized that he entered the system at the Kendall Station. Charlie must have left the subways of the M(B)TA by now! As reported in various publications, Bess Hawes, the writer of the song, just passed away on November 27!



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