Posted by: norstarnewengland | December 4, 2009

Place: Norwood-Needham-Wellesley-Natick

It was a trip through the ‘N’ towns this time, plus Wellesley.

Norwood has such a nice downtown area. I decided to start waymarking this part of town. The Norwood Municipal Building is unique among town halls – it looks more like a church than a government building, complete with bells! Also, the town common with Norwood Common Gazebo is nicely kept, and there is a nice church on the corner, too.

In a section of Needham sometimes referred to as McIntosh Corner, there is a small triangular park with the plaque that states that the area is the McIntosh Corner National Historic District. I knew some of the descendents of that family who still live in town.

In Babson College, there is the Babson Globe, a gigantic 2 1/2 story globe of the earth. I remember stopping here as a youth on a school field trip to see not only the globe, but also a large relief map of the continental United States, which was even curved as if it were part of the globe. The building behind the globe that stored the map is now residential space. I’m sure the map no longer exists, or exists in pieces as people sawed off their favorite places.

The last major stop was the Natick Collection – or the Natick Mall as it used to be named. Another statement showing my age – I remember when it was a much smaller arrangement of stores between the Sears and Filene’s stores – single story, maybe one branch. There was a Boston Baby, a York Steakhouse and a Woolworth’s – with the cafeteria – in the mall. Today’s ‘collection’ is a monstrosity that is just too big for my taste.



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