Posted by: norstarnewengland | November 4, 2009

October Weather – Mixed Bag

I waited for Blue Hill Observatory to post the weather summary for October. The report on the front page will change, so it isn’t worth linking to. But the temperature, precipitation, and snow graphs will be there. It was a colder than normal, wetter that normal, and a very snowy month. That still doesn’t tell the story.

Of particular note was that the first frost on the 14th, which I had observed as well (see daily record for October 14 on their site). As noted, this was early by about a week, which is not that unusual. However, if anyone tuned into the New England Patriots football game on Sunday the 18th, that person would have seen the highly unusual first snow – which accumulated to about 3 inches in the area; much of it melted into a slush immediately after contacting the ground. See the picture below of what I saw. The average for this region is about a trace of snow.

One weekend later, it rained, hard, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.

There were some sunny days and it reached 74 degrees on Blue Hill only a few days after the snow!

So, there was a little bit of everything in October!



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