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Place: Boston (Hyde Park), Waymarking

A lesser known neighborhood of Boston is Hyde Park, at the most southern part of Boston. It was first a town that was formed out of portions of three towns: Dorchester, Milton, and Dedham. The part I visited this time was the downtown section.

The Hyde Park branch of the Boston Public Library is a beautiful structure on a hill. There is the old part, which was the town’s library before Hyde Park was annexed, and the new wing completed only a few years ago. The wing, named after Mayor Thomas Menino who lives in this part of Boston, doubled the size of the library. I was actually at the dedication ceremonies. I met Mayor Menino there – a quick introduction while I was with a friend who was more in touch with him. What I remember, too, was that the temperature outside was one of the coldest days in the season, with a bitter wind.

Ron’s Ice Cream and 20th Century Bowling is the original ice cream shop (the other, waymarked, is in Dedham). I missed getting the info for the number of lanes and fees, so I’ll have to go back to log it in the bowling alley category.

Precinct E-18 is Hyde Park’s Boston Police District. The district is known for its relation-building within the community and is, for the most part a very safe place to be.

The survey marker, MY0514, is one that I had visited long ago and decided to pick up as a waymark. It is the 25th waymark in the U.S. Benchmark category!

Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Bowling Alley Sign on Side of Building

Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream and Bowling Alley Sign on Side of Building

More will come.



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