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Change: The Dismembering of the Daily Transcript

While walking around the tables lined down Washington Street during Norwood Day, I came to a table where a guy was trying to sell subscriptions to the Norwood Transcript and Bulletin. This was news! Only days before, my fiance received an offer for a subscription to the Norwood Bulletin, not mentioning the fact that they were merging. Pretty slimy to me.

The Norwood Transcript and Bulletin is a merger of the Norwood Bulletin and the Daily Transcript. The resulting paper is a weekly. The Daily Transcript used to cover a four (and sometimes five) town area that included Dedham, Norwood, Walpole, and Westwood. A week later, I was in Dedham, and, sure enough, there is a new, weekly paper there, the Dedham Transcript. So it appears that the former Daily Transcript has been ripped apart and at least two ‘surviving’ portions are now weeklies.

Also, both papers were owned by Gatehouse Media, though under different subsidiaries. The Norwood Bulletin was under the Patriot Ledger, while the Transcript was part of Community Newspapers Corporation. The new paper will be part of the Patriot Ledger (though does it really matter?).

The new paper’s first issue on October 1 was not the best planned, however. It was the same day that the Patriot Ledger decided to print using pink paper in recognition of Breast Cancer month. The pink was very strong and made the paper hard to read. So, if they were intending to make an impression with their first issue, I think they missed – don’t make the first issue hard to read!

Norwood Transcript & Bulletin First Issue

Norwood Transcript & Bulletin First Issue

The paper started as the Dedham Transcript in 1870. Several weeklies were merged to form the Daily Transcript in 1973. The paper was also renamed first the Neponset Valley Daily News, the Daily News (as a local edition of the metro west paper), then the Daily News Transcript.

One final note – why this is particularly sad to me is that I delivered the Daily Transcript and its weekly paper, the Needham Chronicle. I have to admit that I wasn’t subscribing to the paper, so I am part to blame (I already have a subscription to a newspaper in support).

Link to Announcement and a Short History

So, R.I.P.(ped) the Daily Transcript



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