Posted by: norstarnewengland | October 5, 2009

Place: Norwood, MA, Waymarking

I added a few waymarks in Norwood over a couple different days.

I have known about the Hawes Brook/Endean Meadows for many years. The conservation area is especially varied and beautiful. However, one of the biggest surprises was seeing a great green ash tree in such terrible shape. I’ll be looking for pictures I took about 12 years ago and maybe post a ‘Then and Now’ Waymark on this. The differences should be stark.

Green Ash in Endean Meadows in Tough Shape

Green Ash in Endean Meadows in Tough Shape

The Norwood Masonic Building was also added. At the time I visited, it was Norwood Day. There was a tent with members of the lodge in present, while in the building itself was a display put up by a model railroading club.



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