Posted by: norstarnewengland | September 12, 2009

Boston’s First – and Only – Heat Wave of 2009

Around August 17-20, Boston had three or more days with highs of 90 degrees F or more. As it is now September, this is likely to remain as the only heat wave of the year. In April, there was a day of 90 degrees or more, which is unusual, but it wasn’t sustained. This heat wave comes fairly late – July is usually the warmest month in the summer.

Boston’s summer can be characterized as wet and cool for the first part, dry and warm in the middle, then cooling off and getting wet again as autumn comes near. This can be seen on charts from this site:

There were tropical weather systems that made it to Boston, but none had anything that had any bite to them. The closest has been Hurricane Bill, which was well out to sea and passed on by to the southeast and hit Nova Scotia. There were thunderstorms, with some lightning. Some areas experienced microbursts and hail. Not much happened where I have lived and worked.

So, I can call it a summer – barely.



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