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Multi-visits to Dedham

Dedham, established in 1636, is one of the oldest towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The downtown area has so many interesting things: government buildings, shops, artifacts, signs, and other items, that I decided to make multiple trips to post waymarks, including a ‘Lucky 7’ for Dedham Square. That summarizes it all.

Over the more than 370 years of existence, Dedham had changed and grown from a largely wild area to a densely populated and domesticated area. Though I don’t expect that to last 370 more years (though you never know!), I hope that through these waymarks, further evolution of the town will be captured.

Right now, what is not captured, is the total rebuilding of the bypass around the downtown area (part of the Providence Highway, which was once where U.S. Route 1 was routed).

Some notes:

I had actually come across the antique gasoline pumps totally by chance. I travel through the town center often, but usually down High Street. I’ve gone via Washington Street several times; however, it took walking by the place before I noticed the beautiful antique gas pumps. The web site by the bike shop provided a nice little historical sketch about them.

It will be interesting to see how long this steeple remains on this professional office building that used to be a church. It’s a beautiful landmark in the downtown block and goes with the post office next to it.

Cafe Video Paradise was once exclusively movie rentals before it added the coffee and lunch area. I wonder how long the ‘video’ portion of the store will remain?

Then there are some whimsical and entertaining things in Dedham!

Sheep in Shoes and Glasses at the Blue Bunny Store

Sheep in Shoes and Glasses at the Blue Bunny Store

There’s still more to post!



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