Posted by: norstarnewengland | September 9, 2009

Around Bartlett, New Hampshire

I was on a tour in Bartlett, New Hampshire, in June. While on the tour, I was able to log a few waymarks and a geocache.

Just south of the town center was a mustard colored railroad depot. An interesting feature were the doors on the east side that had rails lead to them. It could have been a locomotive storage building, but a roundhouse was a few hundred feet west. I couldn’t find a lot about the building, so I hope to find out more when I am up there again. The other interesting place was west of Bartlett, into the unincorporated town of Livermore, where there was the ghost town of Livermore on Sawyer Road. The guide outlined the buildings and foundations of the village, and had pictures to show how it was when it was active.

This is a foundation of a house just off the dirt road.

This is a foundation of a house just off the dirt road.

The weather was really nice: sunny and about 75 degrees, F.

The waymarks established an expansion northward of my waymarking footprint, too.



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