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Waymarks around Blue Hill Reservation, Milton-Canton, MA

Blue Hill Reservation is a great natural expanse of hilly, wooded land just outside of Boston. Today, I was going to the top of Great Blue Hill to be at the Blue Hill Observatory, but on the way, I rode along Hillside Street, which ran through the center of the reservation. The waymarks I logged point to some of the landmarks within the park.

The Park Headquarters is a house-like structure at the head of one of the main paths into the hills. It’s the main base for the rangers and a place where activities are posted.

One of the sadder structures to see is the former stables for the mounted state police horses . Right now, the stables are either unused or underutilized. Holes in the door are visible, and, if not cared for soon, they could loose the entire barn.

The state police barracks, nearby, on the other hand, looks well kept. These used to be the barracks for the MDC police stationed at the reservation, but the MDC police was merged into the state police.

On top of Blue Hill, at a modest 635 ft above sea level, I was able to log it as the high point for Norfolk County. Hey, at least you can see the sea from here!

There are several structures within the reservation that are listed as National Historic Landmarks. One example is the Blue Hill Observatory, which is a recognizable structure and the site of so much meteorological research.

Some other waymarks listed in the past include:

Eliot Stone Bridge, top of Blue Hill.

Eliot Tower Observation Point, Blue Hill.

Trail Map and You Are Here Mark by Trailside Museum.



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