Posted by: norstarnewengland | June 18, 2009

Waymarks around Needham in April-May

In Needham, the following waymarks were posted:

I had a chance to walk in Cutler Park and we went across the pair of boardwalks within the park. They both are fairly long and pass through the Great Plains which is a flat cattail marsh that is part of the Charles River system. We didn’t see a whole lot of movement while on the boardwalks. However, at a point along the Charles at a concrete structure a harrier/marsh hawk was observe gliding and diving around. The park has lots of evidence of a past public works project. A friend of mine said that it was part of an early waterworks project for the city of Boston. The only problem with the park is the nearby din of Route 128 heard almost everywhere.

Also at the park is Kendall Pond, which is just behind the PTC Corp building. It’s a nice place to sit and contemplate things, even though you are still not far away from the world.

I happened to look the right direction while traveling on Webster Street in Needham and saw the address of 666. There is a category for findings of ‘666.’ Later, I came by and took pictures and entered a waymark in the GPSr. For a Saturday morning, it was surprising to see how many people were out and about. Fire trucks even arrived at the nearby Needham High School construction site (looked like a false alarm). Now, in doing my research, I found out that there is a movie called “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” Do you think the number was chosen intentionally in reference to the film?

That’s it in Needham!



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