Posted by: norstarnewengland | June 18, 2009

Wandering through Bristol, RI – Waymarks

In Bristol, Rhode Island, there is a RI Audubon Sanctuary, where my friend was helping out in an eco-event happening that day. While the event turned out to be a scream, afterwards, we decided to hang around the Bristol-Warren, RI area. I have been in Bristol only once before, and I wanted to come back some day. It’s an old town with New England charm. It is known for having the oldest 4th of July parade in the country. I, naturally, looked for opportunities to post waymarks. Here are a few:

St. Alban’s Lodge No. 6 is at the southern edge of downtown Bristol. The lodge, I found out, is one of the oldest in Rhode Island. The Italian restaurant at the base is pretty good, too.

A lucky find was this high water mark on a bed and breakfast inn.

This benchmark is one of several found and logged as a find in the benchmark section, and posted as a waymark here. This one, in particular, is next to the old burial ground and an elaborate entrance to the Colt State Park.

This historical sign in Warren Center caused me to do more research later. It states that George Washington had been at a tavern with others at this locations. Further research revealed that he met with Count De Rouchambeau, Lafayette, and others on a several-stop excursion in 1781. You never will know where you will find General Washingtons!

The detailed-art on the Warren Town Hall is interesting. Further research revealed that this town was settled by the Pilgrims just one year after the original settlement in Plymouth!

By that time, the weather conditions deteriorated from a blustery mostly cloudy day to light rain at sundown. Time to go!



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