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Various Wanderings Through Boston, April and May

I have been continuing to waymark at a fairly brisk pace, so, once again I find myself behind.

These are some of the waymarks made in April and May on different trips.

Things were getting pretty dim for the Boston Globe , so I decided to waymark it before it was lost. Even now, the future of the paper is in balance as the Newspaper Guild and the New York Times are in heavy negotiations as each side has shown that it’s ‘serious.’

The Landmark/United Shoe Machinery Building and 75 Federal/Second National Bank Building are two great examples of Art Deco Architecture in Boston and are within a block of one another. Both have splendid details. And it’s nice to know that such older buildings are still appreciated and not just gutted out to be included in a modern glass building.

In the Boston Public Gardens, I finally matched a location with a movie scene for Good Will Hunting . It was fun to do that, and I hope do to more movie scenes in the future.

Speaking of filmed locations, the old firehouse in Beacon Hill that is now the Hill House, was famous as a location for MTV’s Real Life, and it was the ficticious home of Spensor in the TV Series Spensor for Hire (based on the novels by Parker).

The Charles Street Jail, now the Liberty Hotel, was also captured. I remember when it was still used as a jail. The hotel has done a lot to make it useful and still maintain history. But, I do wonder if any of the guests feel squeamish when they think about the fact that the room they are staying in was where some inmate stayed before them. I wonder if any hauntings have been reported yet?

Readville Junction is a great place to watch locomotives, if you are into that. This station is familiar to me since I have caught the MBTA train here. It’s an unusual place where lines cross and join. The stone bridge is unusual as well.

There were a few visits to waymarks by other people as well.

Story of Stupidity –

At the old Charles Street Jail, I took pictures of signs to provide documentation of its present location and ‘proof’ that I was there. Afterwards, I ran to catch the red line train. I missed that one, but I did catch the next one. As I was speeding over the Charles River, I checked my pockets and discovered that my GPSr wasn’t with me. I then realized where I left it – on the brick sidewalk at the edge of a hedge below the Liberty Hotel Sign. I then got off at Kendall hoped over to the Inbound side (this requires me to leave the station, cross the road, then descend the stairs of the other station), get on the next train (which was quick) and get back to the location. Panic, naturally was in my mind as I was either going to find it missing or crushed by a foot or a few. I made it to the spot and, as expected, it was not there. I was unsure what to do and was about to search in a wider area when a cab driver asked if I was looking for something like a cell phone. I said I was, and he sad he saw someone who picked it up and went to the doormen to the hotel. I thanked him (and offered him a tip – he refused) and went to them. They pulled it out, which was a GPS, not a cell phone. They had tried to make a call on it but surmised it wasn’t a cell phone because they couldn’t find the normal face. I thanked them, then asked if I could go inside to see the hotel lobby. So, there was some benefit to a potential devistation!

That’s is for Boston, for now.



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