Posted by: norstarnewengland | June 9, 2009

Waymarks Posted and Visited By State/Province

Currently, I’ve posted and visited waymarks in both Canada and the USA.  This is a quick list, based on the 500 waymarks posts:


Massachusetts (USA):  426
Illinois (USA):  18
New Hampshire (USA):  18
British Columbia (Canada):  12
Connecticut (USA):  6
Louisiana (USA):  6
Vermont (USA):  5
Washington (USA):  5
Texas (USA):  3
Rhode Island (USA): 1


Massachusetts (USA):  74
Louisiana (USA):  24
Illiniois (USA): 24
New Hampshire (USA): 14
Washington (USA):  11
British Columbia (Canada): 2
Vermont (USA): 1
Rhode Island (USA): 1
Other (Blogs):  1*

*Blogs have a location based on where the waymarker decides to place the waymark representing it.  It is is sort of a locationless waymark, though because, for most of them, you won’t find the blogger at that exact location.

In the last 100 waymarks, the vast majority of postings were in Massachusetts, with the balance in New Hampshire (Portsmouth area).

I’m almost to 600 and I know that there are some big additions, so stay tuned.



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