Posted by: norstarnewengland | June 9, 2009

Threatened/Changed/Destroyed Waymarks

From time to time, in addition to posting individual waymarks that are either threatened or have changed, or even destroyed, I’ll post a summary list of these waymarks.  For now, this list will only be for posted waymarks.

Threatened/Changed/Destroyed Waymarks:

Destroyed [?]
Lexington Battle Green Sign (I drove by the intersection and saw that the sign was no longer there. It is possible that a car had run into it. Has the town replaced it?)

Colonial Theatre (Rennovations)
Hancock Tower (Resold for ~ $660 million vs. $1.3 B for the previous selling price)
Water Mill Mother Brook Sign (The main sign was damaged by water and has been removed. The stone marker remains and is now the waymark)
American Brewing Company (Rennovations were being done and should be complete – I haven’t been in that area to check)
Christian Science Monitor (The paper has changed to a weekly format)
Newsstand, Out of Town News (In January, Hudson News sold this newsstand in Harvard Square to another company. This company has vowed to continue the operations there).

The Point Sign (The sign was in poor shape and rusted)
Needham Town Hall (The building is in fair shape and there has been debates about approaches to the rennovations)
US C&GS M128AV (On a railroad bridge over Rte 128 – Rte 128 is being widened from Wellesley to Canton).
Mass DPW 10004 (On same railroad bridge)
Mass DPW 10003 (On the Highland Avenue Bridge over Rte 128 – This bridge will likely be totally rebuilt)
Baptist Church, Needham, Clock (It is presently not keeping time)
River Station Restaurant (The Illinois River was flooded, surrounding the former railroad station, in the fall when I arrived, and the river flooded again for weeks this spring)
Lonely Chimney at the former Foxboro State Hospital (The whole area is being developed into homes and condominiums. Is the chimney part of that plan?)
South Shore Twin Drive-In [Former] (The area is currently used as a terminal for the MassPort shuttle. One screen of two remains, and it is being neglected).
Hinsdale Truss Bridge (It was in fair condition, with quite a bit of rust)
War Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth, NH-Kittery, ME (There is an article in the news that states that Kittery does not want to put the money into repair this lift bridge, which is one of the oldest in the east)
Filene’s Tower, Downtown Crossing (The project is on hold pending approval of loans. Meanwhile, the mayor of Boston has told the developers to ‘stabilize’ the remains of the buildings that once were part of Filene’s Department Store)

This list is by no means definitive. In the future, I hope to revisit some of these to determine the state at that point.



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