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Me and my New Bridge Buddy for the CWMN Program for NepRWA

In addition to the water sampling program for the Charles River Watershed Assocation, I also have been a sampler for a similar program with the Neponset River Watershed Association (NepRWA), called the Citizens Water Monitoring Network (CWMN – say it as “swimmin”).  The program description is at this link: .

This program does not sample all year round.  Water sampling starts some time in April and ends in October, with an average of six weeks between samplings.  The idea is that the cold in the winter reduces the growth of bacteria, and plant growth is pretty much nil as well.  The results posted by the NepRWA staff is at this link: .

The spot I am located is along Mother Brook, which takes water from the Charles River and eventually deposits it into the Neponset River.  Where I sample, roughly 80-90 percent of the water came from the Charles River.  Thus, most of the water quality results depends on the health of the Charles River.  Generally, it is pretty good – generally below swimmable and boatable levels, but you wouldn’t want to drink it (this is only based on the fecal coliform bacteria counts – there could be a host of other things in there that isn’t counted).

One of the things I noticed right away was the fact that the jewelweed and other brush had been cut back.  Another was the fact that the shopping carts in that had been in the water all of last year were missing, as well.  The water was swiftly flowing downstream, due to the recent rains that the area has been having.

Bridge Buddy with Sample Bottles

Bridge Buddy with Sample Bottles

To sample water from the bridge, a device called the bridge buddy is used, which holds two bottles at a time and is lowered into the stream.  More is done at the site, but I’ll hold that for another time.



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