Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 12, 2009

Water Sampling – IM3 Results Posted

I have been part of the monthly water sampling program of the Charles River Watershed (CRWA) for over 14 years.  Every month (barring any safety-related cancellations such as snow or extreme cold), over 30 volunteers go to to assigned locations, make on site measurements and collect bottles of water for analysis in laboratories.  This information is collected and reported periodically, and is used for a variety of purposes including assessing the grade in the annual report card for the Charles River by the EPA.  This page on the CRWA web site has many reports on the data. Recently, the annual report for 2007 (they are a little behind) was released and is listed under the heading “About the Study.”

Page 24 of the study has the Conclusions section which states:

“The Charles River achieved a B++ for water quality in 2007, the highest grade to date. The river’s report card grade is determined by the EPA and is based partially upon CRWA’s monthly monitoring data. Over the course of this thirteen-year program, water quality in the Charles has been steadily improving in large part due to the monitoring work of CRWA staff and volunteers, which has identified the most problematic areas in the river and guided where remediation and management efforts should occur in the watershed. With continued monitoring, the Charles is nearing its goal of reaching an A grade by 2010.”

Go check it out.



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