Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 9, 2009

Quiet Walk in Norwood

In the evening of the 16th of March, I stopped in Norwood to waymark a few places in downtown Norwood.  It was quiet at this time; the downtown section was almost empty.  But, the low sun cast a warm glow over the buildings, then.  While I posted five, in particular, I was after two places.

Perk’s Coffee is a favorite hangout .  I’m usually there either playing cards and hearing the live music, whether it be from a soloist or part of a band.  It’s a cozy location with wood floors, chairs and tables.  Recently cake was distributed to the attendees in celebration of its 14th anniversary.  I’ve been around Norwood long enough to have been there when it was just starting.  It was closed when I waymarked it (geez, the guy has to have time off, some time!), but I have included some shots when it was open during the night time.

New England Comics was close by, so I grabbed that, as well .  The chain has a comics press of its own, and it was the original publishers of “The Tick,” a parody on superheroes.  There even was a cartoon with him in it.

Another interesting WM was the cornerstone for the Norwood Post Office .  Since it shows the year 1934, the post office, like many others, was built during the Depression era.  Will this recession cause us to return to those times when the government put people to work on public projects like that?



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