Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 9, 2009

A Snowy and Sunny Winter on Blue Hill

I check out the Blue Hill Observatory web site often (and actually visit the place, though less often) to read the daily blog and monthly and seasonal recaps.  In early March, they reported on the meteorological winter, which is from December, 2008, through February, 2009.  The site reported that the winter was snowier and sunnier than the average.  The meteorological record dates back over 120 years, which makes it the longest continuous record at one location in the country.  The paragraph stated that for this season:

The average daily temperature of 28.4 degrees, F, was warm compared to the record over the 120 years but was near average for the 1971 – 2000 30 year norm.  The temperature range was from 0 degrees F (Jan. 16 – see my blog on the temperature seen on that day) to 61 (December 12 and 15).

65.3 inches of snow fell during these three months (and it’s not over – in fact, the weather report tonight stated that there was a chance for flakes on Saturday morning!).  It was the 16th snowiest winter in their 120 year record.

Winter sunshine was at 53 percent, which was very high.

Check out the snow chart (for the year) at their site at:

My observations – I don’t recall that there were any spectacularly high snowfalls from any one storm nor any below zero nights.  However, in December, there was a weekend where a storm Friday night and another on Sunday, with ocean effect snow all day Saturday, had a total accumulation of 16 – 20 inches over those three days.  And there were several bitter artic cold spells between late December and mid February.  So, I consider this a winter to remember!



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