Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 6, 2009

Waymark Project: Lower Neponset River Valley

A series of “pics and points” were collected along the Neponset River from Paul’s Bridge, , at the Neponset River Valley Parkway, to the Lower Mills Village of Dorchester (Boston) and Milton.  The pictures were primarily needed for a presentation I was making on the history of the Lower Mills area, with special attention being given to the Baker Dam  This dam may be on the site of some of the oldest industrial activity in the country.  However, the dam is being considered for removal since removing it would open the river for anadromous fish to swim upstream and spawn, and, hopefully, help revive the Georges Bank fisheries.   The Baker Dam is named for the Walter Baker Chocolate Factory that owned it. This company was one of the largest chocolate factories in the world in its time.  Another nice find was the 7 mile marker just outside of Mattapan (Boston) .  It was a fruitful day, despite opaque clouds rolling in mid day.



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