Posted by: norstarnewengland | April 6, 2009

Freezing on a Bridge in Portsmouth, NH

For Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend (gf) and I  went to Portsmouth, NH as a new place to walk around, recommended by a friend of mine.  We had to brave the strong winds as we walked around the city.  The first stop was the Coolidge House south of the city.  The house wasn’t open, but we walked to the point by the house.  Nearby, we snagged a geocache (in need of TLC).  Next, we parked closer to the city and walked to The Library Steak House Restaurant where we ate lunch (she, a vegetarian, said to go to it.  She particularly recommends the portabello mushroom sandwich!).  On the way, we encountered some Black Heritage Trail signs and waymarked a couple .  I waymarked the War Memorial Lift Bridge .  We decided to cross it for no more a reason because it was a chance to go to Maine!  We paid dearly for that opportunity as there was a constant 15 mph+ wind blowing down the water.  Later, while posting the waymark, I found that there is a debate whether to restore or replace the bridge (will have to watch that one).  There were many nice buildings downtown, including the synagogue that had a Methodist Church historical marker .  It turns out that it was once a Methodist Church – beyond that I don’t know since the historical site had nothing else about that site.  The Masonic Temple in Portsmouth has one of the oldest running Masonic Lodges in the country, St. Johns.  There is also a benchmark, OC0413, vertically set in the wall, making this a trifecta day (gc/bm/wm).  We moved on to drive through some of the islands, then traveled along the coast home.

One thing we did not find was the big ant statue – it was a waymark.  We even asked someone about it who seemed to recollect that it used to be where the holiday tree was now (it’s Valentine’s Day – is it now the Valentine’s Tree??).



  1. Have been eager to explore the world of geocaching. Will have a look around your blog (have yet to spend the dosh on a unit). We were just in Portsmouth — who knew we were passing so many waymarks! (Well, obviously you would have known…)


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