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Waymarking Target: Needham-Newton-Dedham

Since hitting ‘400’ waymark posts, I started to look for WM targets that I was putting off ‘until later.’  These were the ones close by that I pass by often.  Now was the time.  In one day, I swept through three towns, then over a few more days, I swept through again, colllecting more points and pictures.  Waymarks were posted in Needham Center, the Industrial and commercial areas around Highland Avenue and Route 128, and Dedham Center, areas very familiar to me.  The waymarks covered a variety of categories, many of them new.   Here are some of the waymarks made.


Lucky 7 “Needham Town Common” – There were sufficient waymarks posted that I created a Lucky 7 centered near the town common.  Currently, 9 categories are listed in this waymark.  Waymarks included the Circle of Peace “Sit-By-Me” statue (Art); Needham First Parish “Relocated Structure” (Building); Needham New Years Celebration “Festival” (Entertainment); Needham Town Hall Historic District “NHRP” (History/Culture);  Anita Petrie “Dedicated Bench” (Memorials/Monuments);  Needham Town Common “Municipal Park” (Nature); Anthony’s Barber Shop “Barber Poles (Technology); Needham Bowlaway “Bowling Centres” (Sport and Leisure); and Needham Town Hall MY3355 “US Benchmark” (Benchmarks/Measurements).

Survey Disks:

These disks are threatened due to expected new construction to replace the Highland Avenue intersection with Route 128 and the widening of Route 128.

Greene Field Playground – As a member of an organization that met in Needham, I helped one day to put this playground together around 1989.  When I researched the Stephen Palmer School, I found out in an article about relocating the Senior Center that one of the options was to build it where the playground is.  It also noted that the playground needed replacing, anyway.

Community Newspapers – – This is a waymark I wanted to add since newspapers, in general, are changing dramatically.  This company holds many local papers in Eastern Massachusetts.  Years ago, I delivered the Daily Transcript, now the Daily News Transcript.  While I was researching this company, I found that the web site for the local papers has been changed to, from  Also, that Community Newspapers was owned by an even larger newspaper conglomerate.  I await further changes that will take place.


New England Mobile Book Fair – This book store is pretty special, and I really wanted to waymark it.  I have bought books here since I was in Junior High School.


Dedham Courthouse – This gold-domed building is a distinctive landmark in downtown Dedham.  It was also waymarked as a National Historic Landmark.  This WM is also the historic site of the Saco and Vanzetti trial.

Dedham Jail – This is also a special building.  I remember when the jail was so overcrowded that a judge ordered the release or transfer of some inmate to lower the population to a safe level.  The new Norfolk County prison was opened nearby and the old stone Dedham Jail has been totally redone into condos.  I wonder if the residence experience strange happenings there?

Dedham Community Theatre – This community cinema is a rare treasure.  Since the Showcase Cinema is being rebuilt, the theatre has been able the show first run films and has since replaced its marquee.   It also houses the Museum of Bad Art.

More will be added to these towns in the future, I’m sure.



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