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Trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana


In the week of January 29, this year, I took a business trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was my first time to Baton Rouge, and it is my fourth to New Orleans.  On this trip, I did have an opportunity to investigate GC/BM/WM, and I did attain a ‘trifecta’ – a find or post in all three.  However, overall, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity in New Orleans, in particular – business first!


Two geocaches were found, one a traditional and one an earthcache.

BTR Connection – A nice, easy cache that wasn’t too difficult.  The only thing that bugged me was the fact that very little was happening anywhere around here.  For someone who is not familiar with the area, this can be a bit unnerving.

Baton Rouge Fault – I did this in the early night, but it did not matter.  It was a nice cache that told of a bump in the landscape.  It’s nice to have something like that there to explain features like this.  I wish that I had time to trace it further, but I wanted dinner.


BTR Metro Airport Water Tank – This is the top of a water tank.  This is an intersection station, which is used to sight by eye from the target object to other known landmarks.


BTR Metro Airport Water Tank – I made the effort to stop and visit it as a benchmark, so I decided to list it in the Water Tower category.  Not too exciting this time, but now other Waymarkers who come out of the airport have a chance to make an easy visit.

I made a waymark visit.

Huey Long Bridge, Baton Rouge.  Now I’ve been to both Huey Long Bridges that cross the Mississippi River in Louisiana!  Both are very similar in appearance – they are both iron truss bridges that support railroad tracks in the middle and railroad tracks in the center.  This one was in poorer shape compared to the New Orleans bridge, where construction for the new highway lanes is now underway.

That’s it from Louisiana!



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