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Waymark Project: Central Square, Cambridge, MA

It’s been a quiet period for waymarking, lately, mostly due to the fact that it’s been SNOWING. Even now, as I type, 4-6 inches of new snow is falling.  It’s a good opportunity to talk about some of the other trips that I have made where I waymarked.

Late November to early December 2o08 I visited a busy part of Cambridge.  This location is a stretch along and in neighborhoods alongside Massachusetts Avenue, roughly starting where Main Street used to intersect to beyond City Hall.  I walked around, mainly around the early morning hours to catch the yellow glow of the sun, which looked nice on some of the buildings.  The area looked like it had a lot of potential for a variety of categories in a tight radius, and I was rewarded with over 30 waymarks in this area, which, when warmer temperatures return, I hope to add still more.  Many of them have been incorporated into two “Lucky 7” waymark posts:

Lucky 7 Grouping:  City Hall – Cambridge, MA

Lucky 7 Grouping:  Central Square – Cambridge, MA

The historical sign in the Central Square waymark provides a good historical background of the area.  I won’t go into it here. – St. Mary’s Orthodox Church – It was once a Universalist Church and was moved from the intersection with Main Street to the present location, a half mile away.  The spire, now gone, was also listed twice as a benchmark. – Kennedy Steam Bakery List of National Historic Landmarks, which was one of five companies that combined to form Nabisco. – Cambridge Baptist Church Spire – In addition to the spire being a benchmark, I learned later that the church was where Martin Luther King, at the time a student at Boston University, had given some sermons there. – Cambridge YMCA – This YMCA is one of the older branches of the ‘Y’ and it contains a theatre.

These are just a sampling.  It isn’t quite as clean and taken over by chain stores as Harvard Square, yet.  There is still a bit of ‘grittiness’ left.  Another theme is that like the roads that come at different angles to meet, people, too, come from all different backgrounds and meet and exist together here.



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