Posted by: norstarnewengland | February 3, 2009

…News Flash – Not Going, Yet

Near the end of November, I posted this waymark for a newspaper article on “Out of Town News” (it’s also posted as a waymark for news stands).

At that time, Hudson News announced that it would not renew the lease on the property, literally at the center of Harvard Square, and would close the news stand.  This was a landmark in the square and would have been missed.  One of the special things about this place is that you can get newspapers and magazines from many countries.  However, literally on the last days, a new vendor won the bid for a five year lease of the location and plans to continue it as a news stand.  The above link to that waymark page has a link to the article.

In this ecomonic climate, it’s a bold move, and I wish them good fortunes!



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