Posted by: norstarnewengland | February 2, 2009

Coldest Morning So Far

Car temp reading 01-16-2009

Car temp reading 01-16-2009

When I turned my car on and let the car warm up at 6:21 in the morning of 1/16/09, this was the temperature read.  On the way to the station, the temperature dipped to 1 degree. I’m sure there were some other areas that dipped below zero.  So far, this is the coldest of the year, though two other times in the month were close.  The snow, thus far, has been far more than normal, as well. While I was away in the warmer climate of Louisiana, there was a rain storm that was followed by cold that froze the standing water solid, resulting in black ice everywhere (shucks, I missed it).  This was the same storm that left a swath of ice from Oklahoma through Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana.  More snow is predicted on Tuesday.  There wasn’t even have a ‘thaw’ period this time in January (there is often a warm period of mild temperatures above 40 degrees).  I was getting spoiled in Louisiana.



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