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Happy Birthday, Edgar

Roses for Edgar A. Poe on his birthday

Roses for Edgar A. Poe on his birthday

I’m catching up on subjects to blog over the week.  One things I did was to recognize the 200th birthday to Edgar Allen Poe.  Aside from a series of events that I could not attend at Boston College, Boston had been silent on noting the occasion, despite the fact that Poe was born here and had written works while in Boston.  It is also said that the story, “The Cask of Amontillado” was inspired at Ft. Independence on Castle Island in the South Boston section, while he was stationed there. Link –

My waymark for one of two birthplace markers in the city has been updated to include a picture on his birthday.  Yes, those are my roses.  It was the morning after yet another snow storm, so the pile provided a nice holder to place the roses.  I don’t know how long they lasted there.  I didn’t get to pass by that way on the way back (I had a meeting to go to).  I envision many possibilities – people picking them up; covered by snow shoveled onto the pile; or taken in by the business and given a vase and water.  Whatever, it doesn’t matter.  He was recognized on his birthday.

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