Posted by: norstarnewengland | January 16, 2009

Going…Russian Sub to be Scrapped?

On Christmas Eve, a press release was distributed about the ‘final’ disposition of a Russian submarine that was a museum in Providence, RI.  The web site for the sub is here, which has a link to the press release:

Unfortunately, it looks like a ‘goner.’  Unless someone comes in and is willing to take ownership to restore it, it will be taken by a local scrapper and taken apart.

In 2002, the submarine, used in the movie, “The Widowmaker,” was brought into Providence and made into an exhibit.  In 2007, a powerful storm came through and sank the ship.  In 2008, the USCG raised the sub in a training exercise.  However, much damage was done as it sat for over a year fully immersed.

Here’s a waymarking page about the sub, where I posted a visit:

This is not the best picture of the sub, but it might one of the last.



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