Posted by: norstarnewengland | January 4, 2009

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon at Sunset

Mercury is a hard planet to spot, since at it’s best, it is low in the sky.  So, on a clear night, on the way to a restaurant, I was able to spot not one, but two planets very low in the sky.

This is a screenshot from Starry Night software application that shows what I saw on Saturday night.

Planets and Moon at Sunset

Planets and Moon at Sunset

Jupiter, which had been once prominent in the night sky in 2008 was now close to horizon.  Surprizing to me was how much brighter Jupiter was compared to Mercury, though Mercury had to be much closer to us than Jupiter.  Venus has been climbing higher.  The moon appeared to be a day before quarter phase.  The Farmer’s Almanac confirmed that the moon is in Day 7 of its cycle.  In early December, I saw when Venus, Jupiter, and the moon were close together.



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