Posted by: norstarnewengland | January 2, 2009

Hello world!

Hi!  Happy New Year.  This blog is a fulfillment of my New Year’s resolution (from 2008, though) to try my hand at blogging.  In this blog, I hope to enter my thoughts with the general theme of understanding the places I live and visit, whether it is in a geometrical, geographical, historical, or geocaching/benchmarking/waymarking context, or in the context of how a place is changing. 

Geometrical context includes understanding how I determine my place using navigation and geometrical techniques, including GPS, compass, stars, etc. 

Geographical includes understanding my place in reference to other places.  This may include maps, GIS, or comparisons between places (for example, Boston, MA, vs. New Boston, NH.).  It will also have nature journal entries of astronomy, meteorology, geology, and biology.

Historical context includes understanding how my place in reference to events that have occured at the same location in the past, or events in the present that may indicate changes that we are experiencing.

Geocaching/Benchmarking/Waymarking context includes any topics related to three GPS game web sites run by Groundspeak, where I post under the avatar, ‘NorStar.’  This theme will overlap with the other themes.

Change Context is generally using all the tools above: geometry, geography, history, and gc/bm/wm to observe and understand the changes that are taking place.

Though I am based in the Boston metropolitan area, so my blogs will be mainly about locations found in and around Boston.  However, I will post from anywhere I happen to be.

Naturally, the blog will evolve and may be split as topics are developed.   So, again, welcome and come back frequently!  Nor/Star.



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